Ghost Blog Q&A and Training from someone

Hopefully this is the best place for me to ask and access some support. Our company uses ghost as our blog host and I am responsible for posting weekly blogs. I have lots of questions and also would like to learn features I’m probably not aware of. Is anyone out there ‘a ghost teacher’ I could enlist to support me on becoming more of a pro and getting the most out of our blog?


Here at the forum everyone is willing to help if you have any specific question. Overall, the official Ghost blog and 3rd parties such as Ghost Portal could be a nice starting point:

I’m willing to help in anything you need as well (if that helps) :slight_smile:


@lemonface As you can see, there is a wealth of help here for you and your team!!!

If a more “hand-holding”, basic level learning system would be most helpful for your circumstances, I would be willing to facilitate a process here on the forums through which the community members here could opt-in and coordinate with you to help customize it for the needs of your team.

As long as you would be agreeable to “open-sourcing” the process (so that it can be re-used freely by others in your same circumstance) I would deem it a worthy effort to see if the community could provide this more structured type of help.

So many of the tools and source tutorials have already been provided by the Ghost Org.

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