Access admin panel with gatsby-plugin on locally?

How to access admin panel with gatsby-plugin on locally?

Is your Ghost instance running? You can access it in that case via http://localhost:2368/ghost . This is completely independent from Gatsby. Gatsby will use Ghost’s Content API (after you set it up correctly in your .ghost.json file) to fetch the data from your Ghost installation.

Hi Aileen, i was running the Gatsby with “Gatsby Develop”. Any idea?

When you run gatsby develop this will run Gatsby in development mode. In order to fetch data from your Ghost installation, you will also need to run a Ghost instance. Assuming, you installed it locally with Ghost-CLI, you can first check ghost ls to see where and if your Ghost instance is running, and then navigate to the directory of your Ghost installation and run ghost start -D in order start it, in case it’s not running.

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