Activity Feed in Dashboard

In the v4 dashboard how can you see a longer list of the Activity Feed?

I happened to notice someone had unsubscribed from getting emails in the shortlist of the last 5 events, so I wanted to see what other events had occurred.

Where can I see the ‘full’ activity feed list?


Would like to echo that I would like to know this too. Is there a way to access this via the API?

Same. I would like to know if there is a way to see the entire ‘Activity Feed’.

4th’d. I would love this

5th. This would be really helpful, as well as generally more ways to track disable rates.

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Would love to get the full activity log!!

Was just about to ask this. Since I don’t have access to the installation files, I have no way of querying the database myself. Any ideas?

I would also love the ability to see a longer version of the activity feed. It contains information (like recent unsubscriptions) I don’t know how to find in other ways. Thanks!

Grateful to the Ghost team for the Activity Feed updates!

One extra small request! Please can we have an ‘activity’ shortlink on the side of the dashboard under Pages, Tags, Members, Offers etc. to make it much easier to jump to seeing all the latest activity?