More details on the dashboard

Currently you have # of members, and # of paid members.

Perhaps depending on what you’re interested in, you could have a list of metrics you could add to the dashboard. Like a checklist of valuable metrics.

  1. of members receiving emails (since you’d like to keep an eye on your unsubscribe rate).

  2. Rate of new members, trailing 30 days. Imagine a graph of your trailing # of new members. Like a graph of your 30 day velocity of change. You could see if your newsletter is growing more / less rapidly over time. You could see spikes in the rate for good content, or drops in the rate when your content has been lacking.

I’m sure there are more ideas, but the idea is to provide some core easy to access metrics right there on the dashboard.

The emails that Ghost sends directly via SMTP (for sign-in and such) are necessary and “transactional” and therefore cannot be unsubscribed from, as far as I’m aware, without ceasing to become a member.

The newsletter emails are a different category, non-transactional or bulk emails, which are delivered by Mailgun, and I suspect that Ghost probably doesn’t have access to that data of which members have unsubscribed (or how many have unsubscribed) from those non-transactional emails. I think only Mailgun would have access to that data. I could be wrong though.

But I like the idea of a graph for members subscribing to your site.

There’s a members tab, and it displays which members receive emails or not, so Ghost must be importing the email details. So I figure they must be able to display email subscriptions as well.