Add Disqus to Post not Page

Could someone tell me how to add Disqus to the Posts on my blog and not the Page.

At present the code added via code injection appears at the site footer. I would like every post to have its own comment section.

<div id="disqus_thread"></div>
    var disqus_config = function () { = "{{url absolute="true"}}"; = "ghost-{{comment_id}}"
    (function() {
    var d = document, s = d.createElement('script');
    s.src = '';
    s.setAttribute('data-timestamp', +new Date());
    (d.head || d.body).appendChild(s);

You should add this code in the post.hbs file as that renders your posts, as for the place it depends on your theme, but somewhere after the post content({{content}}) should be fine.

Thanks for the reply. I have it on the posts now but i’d like it to load after the post content and before the subscription section. Adding the code further up the page.hbs doesn’t seem to work.

This is for the default casper theme.

See attached screenshots

Well, I don’t know where you have added the code, but if I look at casper the post layout(post.hbs) looks like this:


You have the post content and then the subscribe form, so between those two you can add the code for disqus.

That’s exactly where I’ve added the code yet it still appears at the very bottom of every post page. This is the same behaviour on all three of my ghost sites.