Disqus doesn't work for me... and i can't update ghost

this is my website: https://blogege.com
i’m using 1.9.6 version,
i’m using digitalocean one-click ghost install.
chrome is my browser

i set my disqus universal code.

casper > post.hbs > {{!-- <section class="post-full-comments"> <div id=" - Pastebin.com

this is my disqus code. and i activated this version of casper. i rebooted my vps.

and i’m using translated version of casper. 2.6.3 version.

then, i want to update my ghost. but when i use ghost update command, console says >
ghost update Working directory is not a recognisable Ghost installation. Run ghost updateagain within a folder where Ghost was installed with Ghost-CLI.

i change to > sudo -i -u ghost-mgr this but it says same thing.

Hi, for the disqus question, your code looks right.

Did you paste the universal embed code in the right place? I noticed you are using Casper theme. There is a section in it that is where they suggest you paste comments code. I checked the code for your page and did not see any embedded comments code, so just wondering if you’re sure you pasted in the right place.

hey thanks for your reply, so yeah i pasted it on suggested comment area. and i save the hbs file and uploaded it theme directory. i restarted ghost and code didn’t show up even in the source code.

that is my problem. code won’t show up.

Even founder of ghost reply my topic and locked it multiple topics but didn’t answer me…

Help… I need comments.

Look at the first and last lines of your code in pastebin. Symbols “{{!–” and “–}}” mark the part of ghost theme code that will be removed during rendering. Just remove those symbols and everything should be ok.

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