Add reCAPTCHA / Spam prevent option


Anyone Can please explain how do I add reCAPTCHA to my subscription form? Also please explain the way of preventing the mail spam.


The form can be enhanced with reCAPCHA, but it’s not necessary. Subscribing to Ghost Force requires confirming your email address.

Ideally, your member database is always clean because spammers cannot confirm email addresses.

If you set up an automate workflow, however, a clean form initial must be used. As an alternative to Google reCAPCHA, I recommend Cloudflare Turntile. It is easier to use and works well. Security and anti-spam are Cloudflare’s specialties.

It is necessary to modify the HTML form or ghost theme (if the form is based on a theme) to add reCAPCHA or Turntile.

I’m currently getting hundreds of spam signups every day; they seem to have no issues confirming their email addresses.

I would be very interested in adding a reCAPTCHA to my forms.