Adding a custom unsubscribe link in newsletter post

Hi, I’m using Ghost for a newsletter and remember in other newsletter tools one can optionally insert an extra unsubscribe link, usually via a special tag like {{UNSUBSCRIBE}} in their message body.

Is this possible in Ghost? The rationale is that for some audiences (or initial newsletter posts), I actually want to provide an upfront unsubscribe link in the beginning of the post so subscribers can feel a bit re-assured we’re not trying to spam them.

Digging through source, it looks like {unsubscribe_url} within an ‘Email Content’ block should be it, but from testing I tried (within an ‘email content’ block):

  • a link with {unsubscribe_url}
  • a link with %%{unsubscribe_url}%%
  • just writing out {unsubscribe_url}

And nothing resulted in a generated unsubscribe url. Any ideas or is this not possible?