Adding a 'Show More' button to my blog

Hey all – on my personal blog, I’m using the Ruby theme and I’m running Ghost Version 5.54.0+moya.

Currently, the posts on my blog exhibit infinite scroll – so I can’t reach the footer until I scroll all the way down to my oldest post. I don’t want infinite scroll.

I want 12 posts (my latest posts) to show originally when the site is first loaded. Then, I want to click a ‘Show More’ button that will show the next 12 posts, and continue to show the next 12 posts until all of the posts are shown.

Is it possible to do this via code injection in the header or the footer?

I can provide any additional info if y’all should need it.

– Nathan Brown

This will likely be too difficult to accomplish at the code injection level. You’ll either need to make some substantial edits to the theme or choose a theme that doesn’t use infinite scroll.

That’s sort of what I figured. It’s a shame, since I really like the Ruby theme otherwise!

I’ll think about switching themes. Thanks Ryan.

edit: also, how do I close my own topics?

Marking a solution is enough, you don’t need to close the topic. It’s good to leave it open, too, because someone else might have some clever solution.