Adding additional tables to DB

I’m looking at moving a rails app over to Ghost. The app currently functions as a paywall for certain pages, with each page (containing a course) being it’s own seperate payment. Ideally the Ghost membership would replace the current user account on the rails app, but I wanted to see how I might recreate the courses and purchases tables. I’m assuming this wouldn’t be possible on Ghost Pro? But might be possible if I was running Ghost on my own server?

Typically you’d have courses and purchases built as a separate application/micro-service with it’s own database completely separate to Ghost, then have the two communicate via APIs. Ghost isn’t a generic application builder that you can add arbitrary tables to.

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Thanks @Kevin. After a little more research I came to this conclusion but was unable to delete the initial post. It’s prompted some other questions, but I might post that in a new thread. Thanks!