Adding an FAQ page?

Is there a Template for adding a dedicated FAQ page using Ghost as a CMS?

Do you mean you want to setup Ghost for just FAQ and other documentation needs or you already have a Ghost site and you want to add a FAQ section to it
For 1, which is is also what I’m doing for my GoPilot site, you can pick a them that is suitable for this. I am using Ease theme for this purpose. You can see mine in action here →
For 2, I think you can add a new Page based on an html template and display it with a slug like ‘faq’, so your url becomes

For this option my google search resulted in some samples such as Bootstrap Faq Template and 7500+ Other Bootstrap Templates , FAQ Template | CodyHouse (I have no relation to these pages, so I do not know how it would suit your needs in case you want to use them)

I like your website’s FAQ page. I am actually looking for something familiar. However, the code for Ease seems to be using Handlebars so I don’t think I can use it in my project.