How to add structured data like FAQ section


I am new to ghost and having some difficulties to cope up after switching from WordPress.

recently Google has changed lots of things in SEO and now structured data is very important, so I would like to add FAQ options on the posts, could someone please suggest me, how I can add Structured FAQ on the posts?

You probably want to check out how to create a custom collection and how to render them on a custom FAQ page:

Thanks, I will check it out.

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Let’s say you write an ordinary post with FAQ’s. Adding structured data you’d have to use some available tool, for example Google’s own. Then you’d add the markup to the code injection window for that post or page.

Ghost’s built-in resources when it comes to structured data are very very limited.

Thank you. I have used markup and did a FAQ with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

For folks using Gatsby + Ghost… I was able to add structured data using cheerio and updating my template:

const $ = cheerio.load(ghostPost.codeinjection_head);
const discoveredJsonLd = $('script[type="application/ld+json"]');
const otherJsonLd = discoveredJsonLd.toArray().map((element, index) => (
  <script type="application/ld+json" key={`structured-data-${index}`}>