Adding more options instead of secondary menu

Hello everyone, since the sections I want to add to the menu are too many, I add them to the header menu and I cannot add the rest, when I add them to the secondary menu, there is no room in the footer, it will be clearer and more useful if you make it as 3 sections. The header menu becomes the main menu, the secondary menu appears in the more menu, and the footer menu is only in the footer. It will be better.

It will be better if you add the header menu, footer menu and more menu in the menu adding section.

The sections added to the menu will be more organized and clearer, it will be added to the hader menu as much as it is enough, it will be added to the secondary menu where it is not enough.

Where the header and secondary menus show up is theme-specific. A theme can currently use the secondary menu as a ‘more’ dropdown menu, although I’m not sure any do. It would be nice to have a third set of menu links available, I agree!

I solve this currently by having a page that contains all the footer content. [There’s a footer.hbs file that just does a {{#get}} on the specific page.] That gives some extra flexibility to control the layout more, too.

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