Adding Tipping and Paywalls to Ghost posts and newsletters

We have started a new project, Paygo Media, focused on trying to help publishers of all sizes better monetize their content. I fear that the world of paywalled content and subscription-everything is not scalable and leads to the Truth being paywalled and Lies being free.

I believe that consumers and publishers are better served by giving choice - some content should be free or ad supported, the most engaged users should subscribe but the mass of users in between should still get access to the content but at a price per read, not for free.

We have integrated with Ghost so that now super easy to add a Tipping function or a Subscription/Pay-per-read paywall to Ghost free newsletters. Exposing free users to the premium content they are missing but only enabling them to read the first few paragraphs and then subscribe or pay a price set by the creator to read this one article.

We are looking for some early creators to test our the functionality. You can do it yourself here for tipping but we would love to chat with you and help

Ping us at to learn more.

Do you have an article, like the Tipping function article, that describes how one would ad a pay-per-read paywall? The example page looks great, but I would like to see how setup looks too. Thanks.

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