Set paid content on and off programatically

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make paywalled content without membership/subscriptions and without using Stripe! Some sort of pay to read flow, where user pays a small amount to read content. Also, I’d like the blog to be open to multiple authors and have the user payments flow directly to their “account”. I’m trying to make it using LNbits and have authors get paid in Bitcoin!

I found Paygo which is doing kind of I’d need. They handle the payment and set the content that was hidden behind the premium content! How can i set the content that would be marked as for “paid members only” to “open” upon payment? Maybe using a code injection… Also, how would I make it so that I get the info about who is the author of the post? Send on the POST to my API? How do I get it from the post?

I think you will have a hard time finding an answer to your question because you’re trying to shoehorn Ghost to do something it isn’t really built to do.

My first recommendation would be to use one of the platforms compatible with LNBits/Paygo. It’ll seemingly make your life a lot easier.

If you’re determined to use Ghost for this, you’ll likely need to hire a developer because the solution will likely exceed the scope of a Forum post.

Resources that you’d likely need are the Content and Admin APIs:

The thing is Paygo does it with Ghost, but i don’t think their software is open source for me to tinker with it!

I’m actually a developer at LNbits! I could make a blog extension and just use Ghost headless to pull content from but, it would be cooler if I could use a theme and Ghost frontend! I’m actually getting LNbits in Zapier maybe this can make things easier…

The Paygo service looks like it’s using a combination of Ghost Webhooks and the Admin API mentioned above. It’s definitely a complex setup, but also an interesting idea.

Keep us posted on your progress.