Ads for free members but no ads for paid members

Hi! I’m new to ghost. I’ve converted my WordPress site into ghost. But how can I show ads to free members but no ads for paid members?

You can add an inverted if statement to detect non-paid users and add whatever ad scripts you want :slight_smile:

{{^if @member.paid}}
  {{!-- Free member, or not logged in (not a member) --}}
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Is this not applicable to the Ghost Pro Starter plan?

Can you describe it to me on how to do that. I’m just a beginner.


If you are on the Ghost Pro Starter plan and can’t customise theme files, as vikaspotluri123 suggests, then you can grab the embed code of the ad and add it to an HTML card in your free posts.

If the ad provider gives you a javascript file (e.g. because it is required for the ad to work), then you can put it in the footer code injection of the free post.

And just don’t do any of the above in the paid posts, in which you don’t want any ads.

Of course this is very manual and you will have to do it for every free post, but if your Ghost Pro plan doesn’t allow you to edit and upload theme files, then you don’t have any other options.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for all of your suggestions. I really like ghost for its minimalism and an active forum that actually helps.

I have to make up my mind to upgrade to the Ghost Pro Basic plan :+1:
Thank you

Hi! Can you explain how to do that? like showing an example thank you