Advertising of publication articles with Google Ads

Hi there!

Here’s the situation. My team wants to promote our Ghost-based blog articles with Google Ads. These are the publications Combin Blog and Qoob Blog.

As we see it, it should work like this: a person enters a keyword query in Google, sees our Ghost publication article and clicks on it, reads and does or does not download our app from the article.

So my questions are: can we actually promote single articles on Google Ads? Similar to advertising of a product with a specific landing page on websites?
If so, are there any ways we can track conversions from the advertised articles? Maybe we could add Google Ads scripts to articles/forms to track conversions? Or are there any third-party tools we can integrate for this purpose?

I found this article in your Help section, but I’m not sure it’s answering my question:

Thank you in advance.