Ghost for google news / news website

Hi there,

we are operating a news website with Ghost for more than a year now. We have full-time writers and publish around 15 articles per day. We signed up with google publisher center a while back and got approved, however, our news still doesn’t show on google news.

I checked other Ghost projects listed under Ghost Customers – A showcase of real sites built with Ghost and could only find “The Stanford Review” under google news. Others do not show up.

Our competitors here are mostly listed on google news, even tho they deliver worse content, don’t publish every day, and so on.

We compared rich-text snippets and tried many things to optimize our website. We couldn’t find many differences with other projects.

My question: Does anyone else has a news project running on Ghost and is listed on google news? And if yes, was it after the new publisher portal process was implemented by google?

Hey! We are supported under google news

Mind sharing some more insights? Since when does your platform exist, how many posts do you have? And did you make any changes to Ghost regarding rich snippets or similar?

Did you manage to solve the issue?

We migrated to wordpress and customized our schema. The schema ghost is using is not really optimized for news.

Oh right, that’s odd. We publish on Google news with Ghost and have had no problems.

Did you create a news specific XML feed with Ghost?

Do you also use a RSS Feed to post articles to your site. I’m currently look and curating articles using Feedly or NewsAPI.

How did you get this? Did you make a specific sitemap file? You mentioned Ghost schema changes - what kind of changes?