Advice on using Ghost as backend for Flutter App

About to kick off a project for a client who needs to publish and host a lot of content for a mobile Flutter app we are about to build. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to using Ghost as the backend API? The budget is small so any custom work is unfortunately off the table.

If anyone has done any work with Flutter please let me know!

Internally, Ghost stores content using the Mobiledoc format, not HTML or Markdown. One of the supposed benefits of this format is that it’s more abstracted, particularly so that it would be reasonable to build a native mobile OS interface to the content instead of HTML.

I’m not a Flutter dev and haven’t tried this, but here’s the intro post explaining this benefits of Mobiledoc: Announcing Content-Kit and Mobiledoc ::

Oddly, it seems the Ghost “Content API” returns only HTML for posts, but the Ghost “Admin API” can return Mobiledoc for posts.

To you use that securely, you’d want some kind proxy routing between the mobile client and the Admin API so that you could restrict the the mobile clients to only making GET requests against the Admin API and nothing more.

This is great information! Thank you!

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