Mobiledoc builder library

I’d like to migrate from Mailchimp to Ghost E-Mail Newsletters. I currently have a Mailchimp weekly roundup generated from the Ghost RSS Feed. Now I’ve read the Ghost Admin api docs. I think I should be able to read posts from last 7 days and create a new post. But I’m a bit lost in how to create the mobiledoc string. Is there some library providing an api to build the mobiledoc json string?

With the Admin API, you can send HTML to your Ghost site. Then, Ghost will transform the HTML into mobiledoc. See more details in the docs :point_down:

Thanks for the pointer!

I see html cards can be created by special html comments. Is this also possible for email-content cards?

<!--kg-card-begin: html-->
<p>HTML goes here</p>
<!--kg-card-end: html-->

I also thought to use bookmark cards, but I tested just now, and I think it doesn’t render as nicely as in the browser.