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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I’m curious if anyone is doing Affiliate marketing with their blog…

I want to find a similar tool that can integrate to Ghost, similar to Thirsty Affiliates for Wordpress.

If you are doing affiliate marketing and have a site on Ghost

I’d love to connect, please help.


I wouldn’t write off affiliate marketing either, even though it’s a perpendicular idea to paid memberships. However, in many markets and niches you cannot sell subscriptions, but affiliate marketing works very well there. For example, reviews of technology, various curated collections, and so on. I think the core team still has something to do and they will not seriously go in this direction. we don’t expect a system for managing affiliate links or anything like that exists in the wordpress ecosystem.

However, just as a thought experiment, imagine that you could create curated collections in Ghost. Whether to do it in the form of post cards or create special collections based on some kind of special tags, let’s discuss. At least the first step shouldn’t be difficult.

Hi there @Stayaheadofai and @Unicom

I am planning to release an integration that will enable curated cards like Lasso, Genius or Thirsty Affiliates.

Wondering if you have feedback on what features you might find useful and if you’d be willing to use it.


  1. Show the item prices at major retailers (Target, Amazon, Walmart etc.), so your reader can choose the best price

  2. Show product availability so your reader knows they can get it

  3. Direct international customers to the right Amazon store

  4. Price and availability gets refreshed at least once every 24 hours, so it will be very accurate

  5. Fix broken links automatically

See it in action on our test blog Affordable Stocking Stuffers: Fidget toys that buy parents time (and sanity) ( (on Ghost, of course :wink:)

Here’s a screen shot of a card.

Let me know what you think!

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This would be useful for me at least, do let me know when it’s available, and thanks for the work put into it!

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Hey @Bret,

Thanks for the feedback! :pray: It’s heartening to know we may be meeting an actual need .

Here’s a link to the early access list: [ Early Access](https://Early Access to Clics). When it’s ready we will give you a code for a free trial.

If you have any feature requests, give us a shout and let us know.

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I do plenty of affiliate marketing on my Ghost based site, but I never really needed to use any plugins/extensions. I manage all of my affiliate partnerships within Google Sheets, then I use the snippet feature in Ghost to create sponsored link html snippets for reuse as needed.

In my affiliate marketing links on Ghost, I only use nofollow vanity links with 301 redirects, leveraging the redirects.yaml file in the labs section.

This approach allows for easier troubleshooting and maintenance. Additionally, I opt for the HTML widget over snippet features or product widgets, as it enables the inclusion of nofollow links.

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Can you please provide an example of how to do this?


Labs > Redirects.yaml > Edit



Post > Edit > Add HTML widget

<a rel="nofollow" href="">This is a nofollow affiliate link</a>
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Hi there ! Thanks for your feedback!