Monetize your newsletter with affiliate deals

Hi all,

Jake (founder of Swapstack) here! One of our products is called Plug & Play, which is essentially a pre-approved affiliate program specifically for newsletter writers.

We enable you to easily find and run affiliate deals and get paid per conversion without having to connect with brands directly.

I’ve been thinking of building an integration for Ghost users, is this something that you all would use and/or find useful?!

Glad to answer any questions as well!

Thanks in advance.

Integrated memberships and subscriptions is one of Ghost’s USPs. It is my view that a paid subscription shouldn’t include ads, trackers, clickbait, affiliate links etc., so I see little value in this. Would I consider it for a free tier? Maybe.

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I paid Thrivecart for that feature but then I see a lot of bloatware so I got a refund.

Now I’m thinking about moving to Directus with Gatsby or something that allows me to select how I want to get my money (and SSO).

I mean, I get the marketing about the newsletter lifestyle and subscriptions. That FOMO starts to get down, so we need to personalize and start to think again.

Maybe there is some workaround, MemberSpace don’t support Ghost :frowning:

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So this is what Plug & Play looks like within Swapstack itself (see loom recording below). Our thought is to build an integration to enable you to utilize Plug & Play deals within Ghost itself. 100% free - we make a commission on every conversion, so we only earn something when you earn.

Plug & Play Video

Oh, sorry but we want affiliates on our services not with another brands.

Best for your project, btw.