Ali Abdaal's theme now available

Hi all,

I’m Dan, a theme designer and owner of Cove comments.

About a year ago I made YouTuber Ali Abdaal’s Ghost site and we have now collaborated to release the theme so that anyone can use it on their site!

It’s fully customisable so you can easily change the copy and video on the homepage, and change colours etc.

It has a Newsletter archive page plus a system for creating content hubs like Ali’s site (see his Productivity example).

I’ve had many requests over the past year to make sites similar to Ali’s. It seems like a popular theme! I’m very happy to share it with you here.

View the full demo

More details about the theme

The theme costs $149 and can be purchased from


Hi @dan,
Nice work! I checked the theme.

My question:
Is it fair to sell other popular site’s designs publicly?


Hi! We have worked together to make this available; this is a joint project between Ali and me.

As per the post above:

Great :) Happy sell :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing!

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