Newsfeed Theme - Excellent

I love this fantastic NEW theme Newsfeed by @themeix which has built-in megamenu and drop-downs, animated news ticker, numerous sidebar widgets, many different homepage options, and several different post / page layouts.


Newsfeed is a blog/ magazine ghost theme ideal for news portals, magazines, and blog. It includes all the features you need to run an online publication Website. The Themeix team has been hard at work to produce this Newsfeed Ghost Theme version. It was a big theme with 6 homepage variations and 3 different post / page layouts, several sidebar widgets, and all other necessary pages.]

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There’s no lightbox for the gallery element. This is a huge oversight and quite honestly, lazy coding. For the price they are charging, it better be full featured.

Hmm… I disagree. I think that’s an awful lot of shade to cast for lack of a lightbox. :poop:

I have found their bundled themes and pricing models, and also their managed hosting rates, to be a great value – in fact one of the very best value I have found in the Ghost community.

Even $39 for a single theme with so many homepage options, post/page templates, sidebar widgets, mega/dropdown menus already built-in is actually quite a lot, relative to other themes out there at that price and higher.

I’ve had a membership on Themeix for 3 years now. I am always pleased with their support as well.

Thanks, @denvergeeks for your post. I will try to write a post with all details about that theme.

We used Lazyload for the images which really important for a good user experience. Specially for the magazine type theme where has lots of images. But Definitely, we can definitely add Medium Zoom effect on the gallery by today. Thanks to remind me of that.


Newsfeed v2.1.0 Just released.

** Image Zoom Effect Added 
** Dependency Plugins Updated
** Gallery container width bug fix
** More prefix added and cleanup work
** entry-fullwidth class added for the fullwidth page/post

@themeix where can I download the v2.1.0 updated version?

You can directly download it from
Please re-download now.

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Also, nice re-design on your Ghost Themes page @themeix !

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Thanks :heart_eyes: , Yes made some changes for our site too.

In Newsfeed, We are going to add dropdown support from the ghost admin dashboard. I think that will be the first time in ghost. I never saw that yet.


Fantastic - I’ve never seen that before in a Ghost theme!

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39 dollars? According to the Newsfeed page, the template costs $49 dollar and updates are only available for one year. I’m better off with other templates - these have no update restrictions.

That looks cool. Are you doing it via JS DOM manipulation only or also doing something with HBS helpers?

Thanks for your feedback about it. Actually, we have some maintenance costs to maintain updates and support for the items. But i agree with you, there should not have any cost for future updates. We will discuss that issue with our team if we can give lifetime updates for the Multidomain at least with having 1-year priority support.

Yes, we are doing that with JS.


Its now lifetime. We changed that.


Great. Is it possible to use CommentBox instead of Disqus? And is it possible to integrate a RSS feed icon? As far as I remember, this was not very easy to do with my current template.

Sure we can integrate that free as part of support if you don’t want to use Disqus.

It can be added too, Please follow that link Custom RSS