Allow external URLs for feature images


Would it be possible to have an option to enter the url for an already existing image as an alternative to uploading it? I see that the Unsplash option does just this, so I guess the heavy-lifting setup is already in place.


You can do this with a markdown card already, eg.

![alt text](

but, now you mention it, if would be nice if pasting a valid image URL into the editor would just “unfurl” it - similar to oEmbed :thinking:

Is that a possibility @Kevin?


I mean the featured image


This would be nice. You got my vote.


Other than the markdown option already suggested, you can use slash-menu shortcuts. This would create an image card using the pasted url:

/image {url} Enter

We could also expand the embed to fetch the URL and check if it’s an image - I remember discussing that in the past but we didn’t get as far as implementing it.


I’ll change the topic title then as the current wording suggests something completely different.

Note: Changed topic title from “Embed externally hosted images” to “Allow external URLs for feature images”