Allow manual date entry in post editor

I had to manually migrate blog posts from WP and having to click on the month change link 60 times to move the date back to 2015-2014 is very annoying.

Would it be possible to allow author to manually enter post date?

Hi @mahdix

There’s an open issue for this here: Unable to manually type date in post setting menu · Issue #9256 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

We agree this would be useful, however it’s only useful to few of people on a handful of occasions - usually when trying to get setup, and therefore it’s not something that has been prioritised.

Would love to see this done. I’m sure it’s probably harder than it looks to get the calendar addons in ember to work the way it would need to, but would be very happy to see a PR that makes this happen.

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This is possible as of Ghost 3.3.0 - Kevin Ansfield

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