Alt tags / capation for tags

In Ghost CMS, we can already add alternative text (alt text) and captions to images in posts and pages. This is especially important when using images from Unsplash to ensure proper credit is given to the original creators. However, there’s a notable limitation when it comes to managing images associated with tags.

Currently, while we can assign images to tags and even use Unsplash for this purpose, there is no option to add alt text and a caption to these tag images.

Alt text is crucial for users relying on screen readers, ensuring that visually impaired users have a complete understanding of the content.

Without a dedicated field for captions, users have to rely on workarounds, such as including credits in the tag description, which is not an ideal solution.

In addition to proposing these features for future releases, I am also curious if there is currently a way for developers to add these fields manually. Is there a recommended approach or any documentation available that could guide developers through the process of customizing Ghost CMS to include alt text and caption fields for tag images?