AMP Canonical URL Google Search Console


I just discovered on the Google Search Console that all my /amp/ pages create an error because of their canonical URL.
Indeed, the content between AMP and “normal” being the same, the search console seems to not index one or the other…

Is there any way to fix this and have all pages well indexed by Google?


  • Block /amp indexation with robots.txt
  • Add canonical url to each AMP pages pointing to the “normal” version (how to do this?)

Thanks in advance

See Google’s guidance on the topic here. It has many references to “canonical” on the page:

You might already be aware of the “cons” of using AMP, but if you not, you may wish to review them:

Hi @markstos
Thanks for your answer and sorry for the delay in mine!
I already checked these articles and everything seems to be well configured on my Ghost blog :

  • /amp pages have a canonical pointing to the “non-amp”/original page (I thought it was not the case but it is)
  • Not blocked by robots.txt

Even if this, Search console keeps telling me there is issues with my amp pages

Does anyone here have everything working well with Search console - AMP pages?

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I ve the same exact problem
My pages are not indexed coz they are duplicated of /amp
could it be a template issue?
i use “Edition