An "Embed" block for post tags pulled from editor sidebar?

i’ve been reading through all of the “display my tags” sorts of posts in the forums, and i see a number of solutions that involve editing templates. that’s awesome, for those who are able to and understand how to do so.

what i’d love to see is a very simple implementation, perhaps a basic “embed” block that will take default tags assigned in the “tags” box in the right side of the editor interface and simply insert them with some simple spaces/formatting (bullets perhaps, or something to insert a space) and where each is easily clickable to view associated posts.

has anybody done this with a raw html card, custom url embed, or is there some other way that i’m overlooking? i’d like to continue using the theme i pulled from - it’s awesome - though feel that this one feaure will require additional expense (another theme, a custom dev for some amount of time, and so on)

Not sure I understand exactly what you’re trying to do, but if it’s showing a list of tags associated with the post, then it’s fairly straightforward to do from the editor.

If the post has the tags “travel, france, bread,” then you could just do:

  • Travel (link to tag/travel, etc.)
  • France
  • Bread

If you repeat the same lists often, then you can save them in a snippet to use across diffferent posts.