Show each article tag on the hompage


A quick question :
I’m using the Source theme, and I would like to show the tag attached next to each article on my homepage. It seems to be the default choice for some themes, but not Source.

Can you help me out :slight_smile: ?
Thanks :)

It’s actually there for the posts in the top section. Try adding this to code injection:

.gh-card-tag {
    display: block!important;

The theme does not write out the tags for the articles in the latest or other sections. It wouldn’t be hard to add them, but you’d need to edit the theme to do so. (That’s not possible on Ghost Pro’s “Starter” plan or any other plans that don’t allow uploading a custom theme, FYI.)

Thanks Cathy, I didn’t notice that it was actually there in the top section, the only article that I had tagged was actually in the “latest” section;)
And unfortunately, I have a Starter plan for the plan, so no custom theme.
Thanks again!!