Analytical exception

when l click analytical button,it would throw
a exception:

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Setup information

Ghost Version
ghost docker image version latest

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Database type
*MySQL 5.7 *

Browser & OS version
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Relevant log / error output

Internal server error, cannot read post. An unexpected error occurred, please try again. select `posts`.*, (with `k` as (select `member_id` from `members_subscription_created_events` where = members_subscription_created_events.attribution_id union select `member_id` from `members_created_events` where = members_created_events.attribution_id) select count(*) from `k`) as `count__conversions`, `posts`.*, (select count(distinct `members_click_events`.`member_id`) from `members_click_events` inner join `redirects` on `members_click_events`.`redirect_id` = `redirects`.`id` where = redirects.post_id) as `count__clicks`, `posts`.*, (select COALESCE(ROUND(AVG(score) * 100), 0) from `members_feedback` where = members_feedback.post_id) as `count__sentiment`, `posts`.*, (select count(*) from `members_feedback` where = members_feedback.post_id AND members_feedback.score = 0) as `count__negative_feedback`, `posts`.*, (select sum(`score`) from `members_feedback` where = members_feedback.post_id) as `count__positive_feedback` from `posts` where (`posts`.`type` = 'post' and `posts`.`status` in ('draft', 'published', 'scheduled', 'sent')) and `posts`.`id` = '64a55dd39031060001894270' limit 1 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '`k` as (select `member_id` from `members_subscription_created_events` where post' at line 1

This is not a bug, MySQL 5 is not supported.

Upgrade to MySQL 8 to resolve the issue.

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