Announcement bar with Casper 3.11

Hi all!

Running the latest Ghost platform with MySQL in the back. All is well and good. I have a casper 3.11 slightly modified theme (in terms of some fonts, colors etc, nothing structural) that doesn’t play well with the new announcement bar feature.

The problem is the navigation sitting on top of it (overlaying it). Specifically class=“outer site-nav-main”. If I change its CSS “position” attribute to “relative” (from fixed as it is now), the bar works fine. But the problem now is that when I start to scroll the site the outer nav is missing and it’s no longer visible in order to follow the flow of the page. So visitors have to scroll back to the top in order to get to the navigation.

Is there a way to get around this and for the announcement bar to work with this older version of Casper theme? I really like it for a number of reasons and do not want to switch to the current theme (that works fine with the bar btw).

Thank you all in advance for any assistance on this matter.