Casper Theme Modification. very very simple

Hi guys, I use the new casper theme for my project.
No in Version 3 I have some nooby questions:

a) How to add a !!clickable!! button/Link on the front-page (index) in the header. For Example under the discription:

The professional publishing platform


If I remove position: absolute line 122 in screen.css (.site-header-background:after, .site-header-background:before) it works, but “crashed” the design.

b) I wish to add link at the beginning of the page. (Above the black nav). But HOW? and where?index.hbs or sitenav.hbs default.hbs?


Are you saying you want a clickable link in the navbar? Can’t you just add a new Nav item under Design?

Hi omisnomis,
No, I want add a new button in the header (not in the nav. thats works fine).
For example “buy now” button. For example UNDER the Site-Description (lets check try not ghost dot io for demo). Its “easy” to add a button/ link or what ever, but its NOT clickable.
Its only works, when I remove position: absolute line 122 in screen.css (.site-header-background:after, .site-header-background:before) but the design of the theme is “crashed”.

And a Link/Button above the navigation. (for custom notifications…)
Line 1 of the Code.

remove pic no. 1, because of rules (new user)

pic no 1 = not clickable link
pic no 2 = clickable, but header is too big.=
I remove position: absolute line 122 in screen.css (.site-header-background:after, .site-header-background:before)

and my second problem is b)
I wish to add a link/ button or whatever ABOVE the black Navigation/header. on the top of the page. For example for a “notification:”