Any idea why Server maxes out CPU from time to time

I’m hosting a few blogs on Digital Ocean, from time to time, the cpu usage on the server maxes out and the every request hangs, then ends in a 504. To solve the issue I need to restart the server.

The servers have plenty of Ram, and are really low traffic.

Has anybody else run into this?
What have you done to deal with that?

Glad I’m not the only one with this issue. Noticed it after updating. However, slightly different situation.

I would edit my draft and it would attempt to save the page, and for whatever reason it would max out my RAM. Of course, this could quite literally be my fault considering I’m only hosting on a single GB of ram, which is way low the requirements and expectations.

I upgraded to 2GB and it’s still slow but it actually saves without crashing my database and requiring a reboot. I find it strange how just trying to save a draft can manage to crash my database, because it literally wouldn’t let me login to my database till I restarted after my attempt at saving a draft.