Anyway to make embeded content NOT clickable in the email?

I’ve asked a version of this question before and got some workarounds but they all required significant (hacky?) URL manipulation and multiple posts. So I thought I’d phrase it a different way and see if there was a solution.

When my emails go to members, they have a habit of clicking directly ON the videos that are part of my daily posts. If those videos are hosted on Vimeo, then the are taken to Vimeo (but because of privacy settings, Vimdeo gives them an error).

In a perfect world, I’d like clicking ANYWHERE in the email to take them to the post. In an acceptable world, I’d like to at least remove the ability to click anything in the email other than the title, which will take them tot he post.

Is there a file/template anywhere in ghost I can edit to prevent the media inside my emails from being clickable?