View content online button missing

So my content always includes a video embed, and this is the most important element of my content, the video.

Yet, in the email this video is not shown… which I kind of understand. You don’t want users to play a video in the email. That could break things. But at least something that shows that there is a video there? And then the user could click it and go to the post where they can play it? Or at least a big button that says “View content in the browser” or something. But nothing…

This is how the email looks like:

The image is not clickable - which is should be, it should be redirecting to the post. And there is no placeholder for the video so the user things it’s just a post with an image… My subscribers are waiting for my videos, not my images…

Could anyone advise here please?

How specifically are you creating the youtube embed? Are you using /youtube or /embed or something else?

I’m embedding Odysse videos via HTML embed. It doesn’t have to show the embed in the email but at least a placeholder or something no? How do users know there is a video? The image is not clickable? There is no button that says read article or watch video!

If it’s a youtube embed, the email default should be more reasonable. An html card with a bunch of embedded javascript isn’t going to work in email. Email clients won’t parse the javascript, so nothing will happen. There’s a recent thread discussing workarounds, but basically, you’ll want to make an image that’s a preview of the video (with a fake play button on it if desired), then make a link that goes either to your post itself or to the video source. That way when your users click it, something useful happens.

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Ok, so how do I make the image redirect to my post?

Where do I put that code?

Also, the email is only serving the function of notifying the user of new content. I don’t want the users to consume the content by email. I want them to go to my post and read and watch there. In email marketing systems I just added a big fat “GO TO VIDEO” button or something like that. How do I add such and remove other content from the email?

I found this but does not have “go to post” - WHY???

Also, what if I want this button for both free and paid? Why is there no selection in the dropdown for “All”?

You can type anything you want for the button’s url.

Ghost sends newsletters that contain the whole post. If you only want a preview, create a separate newsletter and email only, don’t publish to web.

That’s duplicating my work. I came to ghost because supposedly I don’t have to do both, I wanted to simplify my work.

I can’t even find a way to hide certain things from the email

Ah. Sounds like you might want to find a matching topic in the Ideas forum, or start your own.

Where do I paste this code?

  1. How do I hide certain things from the email?
  2. How do I make the cover image redirect to the post?