API v2 Questions

I see the only current API calls available in the docs are GET calls. I was searching through the API Authentication issue 9865, and believe from what I’m reading that the admin API is being developed to accept other HTTP methods beyond GET to assist with programmatically posting things.

It’s always better to ask than assume, so I was wondering if API v2 will be including PUT and or POST methods to assist with creating posts automatically?

Specifically I was trying to see if I could use Ghost both as a blog, and as an aggregate of say YouTube videos. Basically chain together Zaps that would allow a Dropbox upload to create a video, then pull data from that to create a blog post that includes an embedded player, notify subscribers, create a Discourse topic, and on down the line.

I tried going the other direction (new Ghost post creating a video on YouTube), but the Zap creation for uploading a YouTube video requires a file object, not a reference to the object. I did see you could attempt to have a URL parsed into an object, but that would require putting the, say, Dropbox URL in a post so that it was available to the public API and can be read by anyone.

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