Apps question — What filters are available?


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I’m trying to get a grasp on using the apps/plugin functionality, and trying to use the filter functionality to modify the content after it posts. (I explained my basic issue in this thread.) I’m finding that the “PrePostsRender” filter, while it makes it possible to modify the content of the main post, does not hit every view, such as the AMP view or RSS feed, and I would like it to modify the post in every instance. Is there a master list of filters available, and does one of those modify the content a little earlier than “PrePostsRender” does?


There’s not really an answer to this question. The Apps feature was nothing more than an experiment right back at the beginning of Ghost’s life - same for filters. The only thing I know for certain is that concept will change a lot and the naming will change completely before any of it becomes official. We aren’t actively working on it either although there are plans to revisit some pieces later this year.

I think you’re a little ahead of your time here. I’m going to write something a little more comprehensive on your other topic

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