How sophisticated are Ghost's search/tags+feed features?


I’ve done some searching, but haven’t been able to answer my own questions. I am curious how sophisticated Ghost’s tags/feed/search capabilities are.

I know I can add tags to a post, and that there are ways to get RSS feeds based on tags, but how sophisticated is this system? Is there a way to get a feed that contains ALL tags from a list provided in the URL? What about ANY tag from a list? What about taking this further… Can I combine AND/OR logic in some way in a feed URL? What about RSS feeds based on search? (i.e. if Ghost has powerful search features, where I can search for both tag and keywords using compound logic operators… can I then turn these searches into feeds as well?)

Are feed URLs the only way to get custom feeds? Maybe there is a more user-friendly way for visitors to a ghost blog to create custom feeds for themselves that doesn’t involve them knowing how to compose a feed URL?

Thanks for any help or advice :slight_smile:


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