Assets/css or assests/buillt?

Hey guys, why do you have on the casper theme the same files or similar on built and css folder? I don’t even think the files in the css are being used at all, for example, the screen.css is being used on the built folder, not the one on the css… Do this serve a purpose?

The CSS folder is raw styles, while the built folder is the CSS folder after it’s been run through processing libraries (like postcss and cssnano) which clean up and standardize everything. Docs link

So in other words, I can delete the css ones? I have my whole theme edited with the built in lol

If you’re not using them, you can. Of course, if you need them again later you can always grab them from Github :slight_smile:

Assets or built? Neither, my ghost installation surprised me with a source path, how can it be?
Anybody else? It’s in the browser cache but could be unnerving if you develop or your client browsing in Chromes disk cache for weeks