Is there a cache under ghost?

Hello, I created a ghost theme a month ago and want to improve the existing design. I don’t understand I changed the css but it seems to stay on the old version. Is there a cache under Ghost? Thank you for your answer (I am not a developer but a graphic designer)

A few things you should check:

  1. The theme you’re using may have it’s own build system, you need to make sure you’re editing the “source” files and then run the theme’s build command to generate the “built” files
  2. Your browser will cache files, you may need to either clear the cache or browse with dev tools open which can allow you to disable the cache
    Screenshot 2021-03-31 at 08.44.31
  3. If you’re modifying files directly on the server then you’ll lose the benefit of cache-busting query params that the {{asset}} helper adds, restarting Ghost will generate a new query param so the file appears new and bypasses the browser’s cache (or follow step 2 to bypass the browser’s cache whilst you’re developing). If you’re modifying themes in production the recommended approach is to upload the theme zip via the Admin interface or Admin API - that will ensure all theme template caches as well as asset query params are refreshed