Assets folder missing. Javascript and css files 404'ing

After installing the Ghost CLI and running ghost install I get green ticks on everything. I then proceed to start Ghost ghost start, Ghost successfully starts and running ghost status shows the active instance.

However when navigating to my site / I see content but all the CSS and Javascript files are 404’ing, confirmed with developer console. If I navigate to `/ghost’ I get the same issues and not content is displayed in that case.

It seems like the assets folder is not getting created or populated during the setup process.

Nginx, Ubuntu 16.04

Please let me know if additional information is needed here.


Also having a similar issue, reverse proxying through NGINX. Some content is not showing, specifically


$ ghost -v
Ghost-CLI version: 1.8.0
Ghost Version (at /var/www/html/ 1.23.1
$ node -v

hey guys! I’m no expert, but just in case this helps:

  • When adding files to your theme after installation, be sure to set file permissions on the files or directories using chmod. Sometimes creating files such as partials without proper permissions will actually crash the instance

  • Added files will not be recognized until ghost compiled itself again, which happens with a ghost restart in the ghost directory.

  • A lot of themes need to be compiled themselves via gulp or equivalent prior to the above process

Hope that helps!

Everything seems to be chmodded to 775, with the instance owned by the proper user. The instance is running, but some routes are not getting redirected to the proper file location, I’ve attempted to route them properly through Nginx aliases, but that doesn’t seem to be taking hold. No extra themes were added as this is a fresh install, default casper theme is being used.

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