Automatic recording that a post has been edited

Hi! I’ve hunted for an answer for the following, but failed.

Could anybody point me to information about what data is or could be automatically published at the top of a post as a consequence of it being re-opened and edited by the author post-publication?

I’m actually interested in a simple statement automatically being inserted at the top, perhaps near where the date of publication is found, or perhaps the reading time.

For example:—“Edited”

But I can see that this is also a window into a wider topic about transparency.

For example, this Forum takes the topic seriously by having a sophisticated method of keeping track of all edits that has similarities to a coding repository.


  • I realise that the publication date will not change unless the original post is copied and re-published as a second otherwise identical post.
  • I also realise that reading time will automatically change if the template presents that data for the post.
  • And I realise that this can be achieved ‘long-hand’ in any edited post by simply typing in text at the top (in the body or perhaps by using a call-out box).

So, my interest is in an automatic record being placed at the the top of a post arising as a consequence of it being edited.

However, I would welcome other perhaps more sophisticated options users have developed for their post templates.


Is this what you’re looking for?

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Thank you! I’ll try that :blush: