Automatic thumbnailing/resizing of image uploads



Some background:

I’d like to see the ability to automatically generate good jpg/webp thumbnails for both uploaded (embedded) images, as well as article banners.

I’ve many times hit the issue of someone uploading a huge, oversized png for the article banner, which ends up being very slow to load especially on the default theme’s article index page (which only needs a small thumbnail).


same here, maybe a custom image uploader? i’d like to have the ability to control that, right now i have to do it manual every time i’m going to post something (resize, optimize, etc)


My Ghost site has a bunch of images that I or a family member uploaded without thinking too much.
They vary from 300Kb to as much as 5Mb.
This has a massive impact on site-load time

I don’t think most people would think before uploading a hi-res photo. And since this is a platform geared towards writers, they certainly won’t understand the nuances of downsizing image sizes.

As opposed to building out code to support this, Ghost could use Cloudinary to serve up resized images. (They have a free plan)

How would it work?

  • Give the user an option to upload to the server, cloudinary or both (both is an insurance policy in case the user is cut off from cloudinary)
  • On clicking the image, give the option a few standard sizes to render in


That is really must needed feature for ghost. When user upload the featured image or any other images in post then it should automatically resize as thumbnail, mediam, large, full size etc. Otherwise pages taking extra time where need a very smal size picture like post thumbs.

For example,
in the follwoing image, there i need 310x207px image for the post thumb but there i am using 1080x720px image. So obviously its causing site speed issue.