Featured image in post, adding alt text or captions?


When creating a new blog post with the Capser theme and a “main image” (not an in-post inage) or thumbnail image. Is it possible to add alt text, and if not, a caption? I’m trying to be 508/WCAG accessibility compliant.


Yes… you can add that easily in ghost.
Example Code :

![Your Alt Text Here] (Your Image Link Here)


Sorry, not in-post. The “main” header image of a post. I’m aware of the markdown code for an imagine within a post.


Then you want to add your alt tag there. Its coming from the theme header code. So you need to edit with dyanamic alt tag like post title .


A caption workaround is to replace the main image with a regular full size image in the post content, that can of course have a caption by using HTML’s figcaption.

This also allows to have a thumbnail instead of the full image in the post settings, using it for post index pages only (and removing it from the post template), which solves the bandwidth and speed problem of full size images used for thumbnails.


You can edit your theme to achieve any sort of alt text you want for featured images, either set statically or pulled dynamically from the title or any of the custom meta fields


I just want to chime in on this and say the solutions presented here aren’t necessarily useful for someone looking to make their site completely ADA compliant.

  1. A static alt tag doesn’t really help if you’re trying to add descriptive text for a specific image.
  2. The title of the post doesn’t actually help for ADA compliance issues since, again, it probably won’t accurately describe the image.
  3. If we’re already using the custom meta fields for their intended use (which we are on my site) then those are out of the picture to repurpose for this.
  4. Replacing the featured image with a regular image in the body content doesn’t help on my blog’s home page where I’m also displaying the featured image along w/ the title and excerpt.

So currently, using while using featured images it’s often not possible to provide a completely screen-reader friendly site.