Automatically generate ebook from Ghost site?

It occurred to me that it should be possible to create an integration that automatically generates ePub + PDF ebooks from a Ghost site, pulling the content from the Ghost API.

Has anyone made an integration to do this already? I don’t want to re-invent the wheel. :innocent:

I haven’t but seems like it would be easy through the api.

Slightly related is elevenlabs where you could create a project drop in the links and generate an ebook in about twenty minutes from blog posts.

I have experience with epub and other formats but honestly in general I have gone the other route from publishing dozens of ebooks to repurposing it into posts for my paid blog. The ebook market has an even worse cottage industry if you can believe it.

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javascript can do that.

i have a plan for that too, but for single page not all the post.

  • inject button on the post using javascript
  • create js function using printjs library for the button
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@alarinel Do you have a link for the elevenlabs ebook generator page? I’m intrigued.

@hafidzaini I will have to look into printjs. It would involve a 3rd-party server, but for your use-case, it might be possible to directly embed the dotepub bookmarkelet ( in a post. It seems to work pretty well in my experience.

I was imagining a Node script (possibly with a hosted version) that retrieves the content as markdown from the Admin API, and runs it through Pandoc with a LaTeX ebook template. I already have the TeX eBook template from another project, and I’ve used the Admin API for bulk search and replace and such, so it would just involve gluing the two together.

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