Ghost integration to charge per content

Hi all,

We recently launched a Ghost integration to let authors unlock pay-per-content, so casual visitors can access premium content if they are not looking to subscribe. You can enable this for files, long reads, or any content you’d like.

The product fully embeds to your paywall so users never leave your site and the reading experience is uninterrupted. It also conforms to your website design automatically.

We did a soft launch with some publishers and feedback is really positive.

A little more on how it works:

  • Setup takes just a few minutes, and all happens within the Ghost Admin dashboard.
  • You can set your own price — low if you want to maximize conversion, or high if you are on the conservative side.
  • Works on top of Stripe.

You can check it out on a staged site here and you can use Stripe test cards so you can check out the entire flow.

Happy to share live examples from other authors too.

Feel free to reach out at or if you have questions or want to get started.

Nice solution. I know there’s a lot of interest in pay-per-article, and it’s cool that you built it!

One piece of (hopefully constructive) feedback:

Reloading the page caused me to lose access to the article. When I got the email with my purchase receipt and a link to the article, I expected that I’d be able to click the link and access the article again, but that didn’t work either. 24 hour or 7-day access to a purchased article seems to be more typical. As a user, I’d be pretty irked if I switched tabs and my phone decided to reload the page when I switched back, causing me to lose access. That’d probably be the last article I purchased

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Hi @Cathy_Sarisky thanks so much for the feedback and great catch! This bug was actually just for our test site only and not an issue on live sites :). We updated it on the test site and it should work now. Note that just for the second time you load the page (or after log out) the user will have to authenticate (for security purposes), and we’ll automatically load paywalled content thereafter.

We’re constantly updating and improving the flow, so feedback is totally great!

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Cool. If the timeout on that passcode is configurable, you might want to set it to something other than 60 seconds. :)

@Cathy_Sarisky, the timer is in order to resend passcode! But the passcode is valid for 10 minutes. Will look into how to improve the messaging there.

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