Automatically logging in as admin?

Hello, I’m using Ghost 3.20 and today I realised it was automatically logging people into my admin account when somebody went to Not just my computer, but on other people’s computers who never had an account on the site before. Did this happen with anyone else?

Never heard of this happening before. Can you share some more details about your site setup?

Sorry, what do you mean by details about my site setup? Should I DM you the site link? @Hannah

EDIT: nevermind fixed, it was a caching error

Still, share some more details about this? What do you mean “It was a caching error” ?

Oh I was using two caching services, Ezoic and Cloudflare’s so I guess it messed with the cookies somehow. The only change i made recently to the site was turning on Ezoic’s caching so it just fixed itself after I turned it off.


When you opened this topic there was a template with suggested details to provide.

Given there was no background info about how your site was setup, no one could have helped. You’re also using an obscure cache that turns up zero results both here on the forum and in our docs. Very hard to guess that!

It sounds like you had caching enabled for API requests and then cached the response to your successful login and served that to other visitors.