Trouble Signing In

Hey there, I am having issues logging into my account. For some reason I got logged out and my email isn’t recognised anymore. This is for Ghost self hosting, my entire team still has access I’m the only one who doesn’t. Let me know if you’ve had this issue before and what I should do to fix it.


Does the password reset option from the login screen not work?
If one of the other staff users looks in settings > staff, is your account there?

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Hey Cathy! Yes my account is there and the password option works… should I try to reset? Thanks

Yep, that’d be the first logical thing to try. :)

Hey Cathy, it doesn’t seem to recognise my account and says ‘user not found’ when I try the forgot password button. Anything else I should try?

Here’s what I see knowing that I only have 1 email address I’ve used as part of this account

There are two kinds of accounts in ghost - staff and member. Staff sign in at /ghost/ , while members sign in using the portal (/#/portal or a link from the theme). I wonder if you’re confusing which kind of account you have?

I’ve been using the same link to sign in - what’s strange is that my team invited me again using the same email and it worked, but I ended up having 2 accounts with the same email… What do you recommend we do?

pretty sure I’m using the right link to sign in as it’s the same I’ve been using since I joined Ghost as a staff

How odd! I wonder if there’s a stray space or something on the email address.

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Turns out my email was misspelled in Ghost… my team had a look and they fixed it! I have access again. Thank you Cathy for your help!

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