Basic Documentation For Solo Theme?

I cannot find any official documentation for the Solo ghost theme.

I don’t see it referenced in the on GitHub, linked from the demo, or anywhere else on the net.

Am I missing something?

There usually isn’t an extensive documentation in the official themes (at least I couldn’t find any for the others).

What specifically are you looking for?

Thanks Janis!

I’m trying to figure out how to make the installation look like the demo. For example, I get the header image to align on the left. It covers the whole screen.

Do I actually need to make my own repo, go in and change the CSS, and then upload my own customized template to make changes like this?

I thought that seemed excessive, so I thought I was missing something.

Any thoughts?

There some documentation for the theme here:
About this theme, but it’s more focused on capabilities than how to get them.

It should always be possible (at least for the official themes) to get exactly what’s shown in the demo without any custom work. [And if it’s not possible for a paid theme, you should gripe at the theme creator about that!]

I’m guessing that what you’re missing is that there’s a setting to change how the header looks. To get to those settings, go to /ghost > settings (the gear icon) > design & branding > customize. Then look over on the right side of the screen that opens - there are some tabs, and the setting you want is probably on ‘Homepage’.

By the way, if you want to tweak the css, the hands-down easiest way is to use code injection. While you /can/ edit the theme itself (don’t forget that it probably needs a build step after editing), little css tweaks are going to be a lot easier if you just drop them into the code injection. Here are a couple links to get you started. [You don’t need this to get Solo to look like the demo, but most users want to adjust /something/ about their theme.]

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